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How much does it cost to rent a yacht?

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Every single one of us wants to have luxurious dreamy vacation in Bahamas or France or even in Dubai. So, here, we take pride in presenting you a detailed guide to Yacht rental Dubai. Here is a quick look ok at inclusive rates and exclusive ones. For further details in this regard, you can also choose to see this here now.

Inclusive rates

It is pretty much what it sounds like it includes all the rates from food to accommodation based on the number of people that will be vacationing in here. Water sports and fuels are also counted in its range while the dock and taxes are to be paid separately.

Exclusive rates

These rates  do not include the fuel and food accommodation. Why is that so? Well, this is mainly because the Yacht which you are hiring is already luxury in itself and all of the fuel and accommodation needs to be taken care differently. As mentioned above the taxes still do not go hand in hand.

 Reasons the cost may vary

  1.  Built of yacht

The cost may vary because of the year that the Yacht was built, the famous builder that built Yacht or the owner that it previously belonged to. the luxuries and beauty of the yacht also is the main reason why different yachts are expensive than the other ones.

  1. Season

It is pretty obvious that the change in season determines the changes of costings of yachts. The high season of demand of yachts is usually in the summers of Mediterranean or winters in the Caribbean. The seasons other than this are not very expensive to rent a yacht.

  1. Destination

This is understandable thing that the more far your destination is the more it is going to cost as the geographical distance means an increase in the number of days and the accommodation that is to be taken care of.


Here is a list of famous destinations that people usually go cruising to and the taxes that it charges. Destinations include Bahamas, Turkey, Italy, France, New Zealand, Florida, BVI, Greece, Montenegro and Spain. These are the places that you might need to take care of the taxes they charge make sure that you carefully and thoroughly go through all the rules and regulations before moving on with the plan.

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