Dubai – UAE

Walking Dubai by Foot

3 min read

A great way to see any city is to walk the city by foot. Whether this be by your own account and just simply using a map and wandering around or a professional walking tour with a guide. Whichever way you choose, you will get an up close and personal look at Dubai. Walking gives you the opportunity to really soak up local life and to see things that you might not see in other modes of transportation. Walking also allows you to keep your fitness levels up. Whether you live, work or are just visiting Dubai it can be pretty easy to fall into a monotonous routine, if you switch up your walking path you not only are seeing new things everyday, you always are keeping fit, which means you can treat yourself to a special meal later in the day. Walking also allows you to interact and meet new people on a daily basis.


Now while Dubai isn’t the most practical city to walk around, as there are large highways to cross, it still is great to pick an area or a neighborhood and walk choose to explore around there. This gives you all the great benefits of walking, but also doesn’t put you in harm’s or multi-lane traffic. If you are a visitor to Dubai, a walking tour is a great way to explore the city. There are plenty of walking tours that are offered, ones that let you explore Historic Dubai, Modern Dubai and even Futuristic Dubai. These are great ways to become more familiar with the city and to learn more before you go off on your own to begin exploring. While having many health and social benefits, walking tours, and just walking, allow you to capture great pictures, more so than being stuck in a taxi and just peering out the window.


Another thing to keep in mind is the weather and the temperature. It can get very hot in Dubai, especially in the summer. So it may not be the best idea to go for a walk in the summer heat. You don’t want to be sweating when you reach your destination. So make sure you take into account the temperature and if you will be comfortable walking in that type of weather before committing to walking.


And while you may have to take a taxi or some other form of transportation to get from one place to another, don’t completely rule out walking. Even though Dubai isn’t the most walkable city, there are still some great benefits to exploring a city by walking. Just be careful, as there aren’t a lot of pedestrian crossings and traffic lights that make it easy to navigate. My suggestion would be to get a map and to plot out where you want to walk and to make sure that you can walk there before starting the journey only to find out that you can’t get there without some other form of transportation. Walking is a great way to experience a city and to really get a feel for local culture, so maybe instead of taking a taxi all the time think about taking a casual stroll to your next destination.