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Update Your Home Lighting for Better Security and Family Safety

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While hiring the services of interior design companies in Dubai to revamp your home is a great idea, you can also take advantage of the ongoing renovation to incorporate a few safety changes here and there. As such, one of the key areas to focus on is indoors and outdoors lighting of your home. Not only is a well-lit home a pleasure to behold, it does wonders in deterring unwelcome intruders from even venturing a foot near your place. Here are a few areas where bright and ample lighting is indispensable:

Side driveway

If you have an open driveway running alongside a semi-detached or detached house, it should be lit up at night so that the length of the driveway is visible from the street. When your driveway is amply lit, it increases the probability of detection using a combination of potential witnesses and lighting.

Above a gate

If an alleyway or side driveway running alongside the length of your house is gated to keep out unwelcome intruders, it’s in good judgment to place a light above that gate. The fitted light would illuminate any intruder endeavoring to climb over the gate.

Entrance door

A porch light installed by landscaping companies in UAE on the outside of the front door is absolutely imperative for answering the door, operating the door, and safe approaches to the door. The best place to position the light is to the side of the door. The light should ideally be fitted at a height that would best illuminate the face of a caller, so that you can identify them effectively before answering the door.

Hard standing or forecourt

The type of light needed for illuminating your parking area is determined by myriad factors. If there is a street light in the vicinity, additional lighting is probably redundant. If there’s not, then the size and area of the hard standing is considered. For average houses, a porch light should suffice, but for hard standings voluminous enough to accommodate 3-4 cars, an additional low power lamp in a bulkhead fitting is required.


If you own a garage, it may need its own low energy lights outside the side pedestrian door and the vehicular access door if they are not already installed. For detached garages, a low energy lamp mounted on a corner might be an efficient way of lighting the garage. This way, the light of the lamp can be thrown across two sides of the building.