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Responsibilities of an architect

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An appropriate construction planning is quite essential for a building to ensure its durability for life time. You can coordinate with a well known civil construction company in Dubai. If you are willing to construct a building either for residential purpose or commercial purpose, make sure that its design is just on point. For this purpose you have several options for professional and skillful architects in Dubai who are capable enough to facilitate you in every aspect. An architect is a person who is responsible for design and project planning. They know that how to design a perfect building as according to available space capacity. Secondly legal formalities are also there which have to be fulfilled before starting the construction process. An architect focusses on this aspect too and ensure that their client would not have to face any legal complication. On the other hand an architect is also responsible to design a visual appearance of the building in the most innovative way so that it could stand out from others. In this article we will discuss some important responsibilities of an architect which are as follows.

Discussion of project 

It is the responsibility of an architect to conduct project discussion with his client in which he listens to all the demands and requirement of his client. In this way he is capable to fulfill all of them in the most appropriate way. An architect will discuss all the matters in this project discussion which include client’s budget capacity, site characteristics, safety and local planning regulations etc. These meetings and discussions are quite important before design approval to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Making drawings

An architect will first of all draw the exact design on a piece of paper. This drawing is based on several factors which are only focused by a professional architect. These factors include the legal construction protocols which have to be fulfilled at any cost. Secondly client’s demands and requirements are also included to meet their expectations. And in the last the architect will use his own skills and knowledge as well to add on more functionality to the construction design. This rough plan will enable the client to estimate the exact appearance of his future building and on the other hand he is also capable to make any desired changes at this stage.