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How To Keep Your Children Away From Mobile Phones

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Children of the modern age are so much involved in their mobile phones and tablets, that they don’t have time to interact with people. Children like playing games on their phones more rather than playing with toys. There are many children who don’t even eat food if they don’t have a phone in their hand. This is where the parents lack. You need to make your child socialize, to make friends, to have fun with their living, breathing friends instead of spending time on the nonliving mobile phone. This need to be understood by the parents that if they are handing a mobile phone to their child, this will not be considered as a luxury but this is going to spoil the child.

You can keep your children busy by taking them out to a park nearby. This will help them become social and they will make friends and will play with them. The swings, rides and the fresh air in the park will improve their physical and mental health.

Gift them puzzle games this will help their mind to widen. In the beginning these games might be boring but the child will indulge more and more within the game with the passage of time.

Buy different toys for them for example car toys for the boys and doll houses for the girls. You can easily find these cars and different doll houses in Dubai. Develop reading habits in your child. Buy them interesting reading and factual books. This will not only keep them busy but will also increase their vocabulary.

Help your child grow a small garden in the house. If you already have a garden in your house then assign a small space from it to your child to look after or grow a small garden in the balcony or terrace.

Take them to a nearby trampoline or buy them one. There are many small trampolines available online and you can buy a trampoline in Dubai at reasonable prices and they even offer free shipping.

Assign small duties to them. Make them clean their room or keep their toys on the appropriate places. This will develop cleanliness and a sense of responsibility in their personalities. Make your children do the above mentioned things and forbid them to use phones and video games and you will definitely see a good change in their lives. This way, they will be safe against the hazards of cellphones.