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Benefits of Relocating with a Pet Transportation Company

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When you are relocating to a new place with your furry friends, you would do best to solicit the services of a credible cat relocation company. While some advantages are a bit intangible, there are enough tangible reasons for you to select this amazing alternative. Here’s how a pet transportation company helps you move:

Professional Expertise

All credible international pet transport companies can boast extensive experience working with airlines around the globe, transporting furry friends to and from a wide array of continents and countries. They are drilled in all the ins and outs of the processes and know what they are doing. They can provide you with insider advice and tips, and other tidbits of information, and answer all your queries with patience. They can cut through the misinformation and confusion to offer you the most up-to-date and accurate facts. This is highly important since you cannot be expected to stay abreast of changing policies and rules in various areas. Sometimes, airline staff or personnel at foreign embassies are oblivious to the documents required or the rules of pet travel. This could ruin your travel plans. On the other hand, a professional pet transport company can let you breathe easy by handling all aspects of the process for you:

  • Making the best flight arrangements for you
  • Comprehending the rules and regulations of various airlines and choosing the best carrier
  • Proper identification
  • Choosing the proper travel kennel if your pet is allowed to fly by the airline
  • Quarantine reservations
  • Acquiring export/import documentation
  • Providing delivery and pick-up transport to and from airports
  • Boarding reservations

Less Stress

Moving is stressful enough for you, but it can have more severe repercussions for your pets because they cannot fathom what is happening, especially when it comes to flying. Worse still, your cats might harbor a fear that you are abandoning them. With you having enough things on your plate, do you think you can handle more stress?

Fewer Headaches

Researching import requirements, flight options, and airline regulations for your destination can be an overwhelming experience altogether. While you may hit a jackpot and find exactly what you were looking for, for most people, it’s exactly like a treasure hunt.

Huge Time Savings

It is simply time-consuming and exasperating to seek out all the information that you require to take your pets with you. Not to mention, when you factor in visits to the vet, assembling your pet’s health-related paperwork, and taking your pets for all the immunizations and tests, the process could eat up your already crammed schedule. This time could be spent in packing and moving! www.abvc.ae lets you know all about the processes needed to help your pets travel without a hitch.