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Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

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Are you planning a surprise birthday party for someone special or a friend? Know that a lot goes into planning a party than just ordering a birthday cake in Dubai. Here are a few tips to organize your efforts:

Choose A Date and Time

If you want to organize your efforts, it is important that you determine the time and date of the birthday party a month or more in advance. This will help you make sure that the person you are throwing the party for will be available on the chosen date. One of your guests can ask the surprise-ee to baby sit, help them paint the house, go to the movie, or anything else that will ensure the availability of the surprise-ee. Call up and make a reservation in advance if you are planning to hold your party at a restaurant or a hall. Even if you don’t have a firm number on the guest head count yet, you can still provide them with an estimated guess.

Invite The Guests

While inviting your guests, be it in person, or through email or phone, make sure that you let them know that it is a surprise party so they don’t rain over your parade by inadvertently calling up your surprise-ee to express their regrets at not being able to make it to the party or asking them what to wear. If you know some guest who’s probably going to spill the beans, just make up an excuse for them to keep the date open and only fill them in at the last minute.

Pick a Theme

No party is complete without a theme. This requires a bit of research and a lot of work to make sure that every detail of your party confirms to the chosen theme. Simply pick something that holds interest for the surprise-ee, be it party games, pizza, classical music, fondue, wine, or customized cakes in Dubai. If you are coming up blank, simply search online for birthday party themes and pick one that you know your guest of honor will appreciate.

Get The Supplies Ready

You can ask your guests to help you prepare the party favors, beverages, and food. When you are inviting guests, most would ask you if you would like them to bring something. If you want to save some aggravation, money, and time, take them up on their offer. The next step is to go shopping to pick up things there are still remaining. It’s important to make a shopping list so that you don’t have to make repeated trips.