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How Can Promoters Be Used to Boost Sales

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Hostesses and promoters are an integral part of corporate events, marketing campaigns, trade shows, and exhibitions. Not only do they strive to represent the brand of the company, they also have a major role to play in escalating the overall ROI from the event. Here’s how you can make sure that you get the most out of your money when it comes to your sales promoters in Dubai:

Select the Right Profiles

The promoters are no longer expected to just stand there, look their best, and flash smiles. Even if your promoters fail to satisfy a prospective customer’s query, your brand’s reputation will be at stake. Hostesses and promoters are required to be confident, knowledgeable, and experienced, in addition to being presentable and customer oriented. The key here is to select the right person for the job, since not all professionals will be the right fit for your brand. Try not to base your choice on cost alone, as cheaper is not always better.

Provide Training/Information

Even the most competent and experienced hostesses and promoters need to be trained, or at least briefed, on your organization’s services and products. Big names like Sony and Samsung are well-known for providing their promoters with the pertinent training and knowledge before exhibitions and events.  Most companies undertake and organize orientations and training programs to equip the promoters with the right service/product knowledge.

Provide the Tools

The overall efficiency and effectiveness of sales promoters can be bolstered with the right tools. Service/product literature, lead capture devices, demo samples, electronic displays like iPads, and hand-outs are some of the most rudimentary tools that can be used to train your promoters.

Add Differentiators

In-mall promotions, trade fairs, and exhibitions are extremely hectic affairs, and promoters from different brands compete for attention. You can leverage differentiators, such as creative displays, props, latest presentation gadgets, uniforms, eye-catching exhibition stands, and sound to make sure that your brand promoters stand out.

Add an Incentive Plan

When we talk about objective-driven promotions, be it signups, sales, or lead capture, you can think about incentivizing the promoters to glean more value from the promotions. There’s nothing like a bit of competition and promise of rewards to motivate promoters.

Capture Feedback

During trade fairs and exhibitions, promoters are the face of your brand and interact directly with your prospective buyers. Therefore, they are your best source of feedback and insights regarding how your product or service is received by your audience. You can use a structured process to capture such inputs. Dubaihostesses.ae/ gives you tips and advices on maximizing your ROI by using the right promoters.