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Universities in Dubai

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Dubai is the most well known emirate in the United Arab Emirates, of which there are 7. Dubai has the largest population, it has great diversity, lots of skyscrapers and an international standing, all while being able to coexist with its Arab values, customs and culture. These are all characteristics that appeal to students who wish to study in Dubai. There are about 65 colleges and Universities in Dubai. The Dubai International Academic City is the home to a selection of globally recognized universities, as well as e-learning centers, professional centers and development companies.


The education system in Dubai follows the UAE, but it is rather unique in that it caters to a range of different academic systems, which includes the higher education systems of America, France, germany, England, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. While most international higher education is taught in English, students who are not of an Arab heritage must take Arabic language classes. While Muslim and Arab students are required to take Islamic studies. The public universities in Dubai teach in Arabic, there is emphasis on English as a second language, while in the private universities, the instruction is taught in English.


In Dubai there are about five public colleges and universities, while there about 58 private colleges and universities in the city. Universities in Dubai are categorized two separate ways either as a local university, which means that it is founded and based in Dubai, or as a branch campus, which means that it was founded in another country with a campus in Dubai.


Here is a look at some local and branch universities in Dubai:


University of Dubai – it is an internationally and nationally accredited university. The university was first established to address the skills gap in the workforce, but now it offers Bachelor degrees in a variety of subjects which include: Marketing, finance, accounting, business administration, economics, among many others. They also offer Master’s degree programs in business administration, law and information systems.


Zayed University – a government sponsored university and the newest in the United Arab Emirates, this university offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. The areas of study include: medical and pharmaceutical studies, biotechnology, environmental studies, industrial studies, among others. They also offer a overseas student exchange program, along with opportunities for scholarships, internships and professional training.


American University in Dubai – started as a branch campus of the Atlanta, Georgia based American InterContinental University, it is now based in Dubai. It has an accreditation for all of its programs. The university accepts both national and international students and offers a U.S. style education where the university is organized into departments, such as the School of Engineering, etc.

British University in Dubai – is a postgraduate, research-based university that works with several leading UK universities. They offer accredited programs in the following subjects: business administration, informatics, project management, education, among many others. They also offer postgraduate certificate. In addition this university has also been popular with international and local organizations who have offered to provide scholarships and other funding to the university and its students.

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