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Kitchen Renovation: Design Ideas That Will Make It A Stand Out

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For some homeowners, designing a kitchen space can be a challenge as they need to take into account a number of things – from the aesthetics of the space to the functionality. Marrying these two concepts can be a pain and they should not outdo one another.

But experts in villa interior design in dubai believe that it can be done and you don’t need to wrack your brains to make it happen. If you are planning to do a kitchen revamp, here are some design hacks that can make this busy space a knockout:

  • Conceptualize the layout first

Some homeowners go straight to the look and aesthetics of the space and think about the functionality later. But the truth is, it should be the other way around. You need to think of the layout first before you proceed to the look of the space. You need to think first of how you operate inside the kitchen and based your layout from that.

  • Layer your lighting

Another misconception is that kitchen should have a single lighting fixture, just enough to adequately light the space. But your kitchen space need some form of layered lighting to give it more depth and dimension. Try to use a variety of lighting fixture on the space so you can make it more inspiring. You can go for LED down lights for general lights and ambient lighting to set the mood.

  • Modernize your appliances

Old and outdated kitchen appliances are not just an eyesore but also a little bit difficult to use and maintain. It would be best to switch to smart appliances that are easy to operate but also sleek-looking. Also, most of these appliances are environment-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about leaving too much footprint in the environment.

  • Create a focal point

Some people think that focal point is just for the living room. But it can also be done in all spaces, including the kitchen. A focal point will be the focused of the design. In terms of your kitchen, select a space or corner that will be the focus point of the space, preferably, a space that is not often used.

  • Make it look timeless

Renovating a kitchen can be costly and time-consuming. Doing it over and over again can drain you. To avoid making your space look outdated, go for timeless themes.

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