Biggest Sports in Dubai

Dubai has a number of well enjoyed and followed international events and sports that range from football to golf. The UAE Heritage sports have a very strong audience, which includes camel-racing and traditional boat racing. These are still extremely popular activities. Falconry is another traditional sport that continues to be a popular sport. Dubai has also moved into more modern sports, which have become widely popular not just simply to spectators, but to players as well. The modern sports that have risen to prominence in Dubai and the UAE are the following:



– This continues to be one of the most popular sporting events at all levels (local regional and national). The FIFA World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events in Dubai. The UAE Football Association officially started in 1971. The UAE National Team was a qualifier for the FIFA World Cup in 1990, as well as winning the Kirin Cup in 2005 against Japan. The national team is currently ranked 110th in the world according to FIFA.



– This is another popular sport. Cricket rose in popularity when the UAE national cricket team qualified for the 1996 Cricket World Cup. There is also a large population of expatriates from South Asia that also led to the rise of the sport. The International Cricket Council is also located in Dubai. The Cricket World Cup is the second most popular sporting event watched on television. The UAE National Cricket team has been a qualifier for quite a few major tournaments, which includes two world cups in 1996 and 2015. It could be very soon that the sport will pass football in popularity.



-This sport is growing in popularity. There is an increasing number of people who began watching the Dubai Tennis Championships, which is a WTA and ATP event.  This event brings the top competitors from all around the world every year to compete.



– This is another sport that is growing in popularity with more families becoming spectators of the sport. The Creek Golf & Yacht Club, located in Dubai, is the Middle East’s first golf academy, which has led to a rise in those actually playing the sport, rather than just being a spectator.


-Motor Sports

– Formula 1 racing which takes place on Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Yas Marina Circuit, draws a big crowd of spectators. There are also a lot of showrooms and museums that are visited by many, as they feature some famous sport car models. Dubai also serves host to the Dubai International Rally, which is an important leg of the Middle East Rally Championship.


-Basketball, Rugby and American Football

– These two sports are also rising in popularity with many people enjoying being spectators and watching on the television. The most common program of American football that is shown on the television is the Superbowl.


In Dubai, there are plenty of popular sports, both UAE national events and international sporting events that appeal to all types of sports fans. There are also plenty of sports that appeal to players and spectators alike.

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