Proper Etiquette When Sharing A Cruise Cabin

When you booked cruise ship and Dubai restaurant deals for your travel adventure, there might be some instances that you will be paired with a stranger to share a cabin. But no need to feel awkward and alienated. Simply follow these tips so you can have a harmonious relationship with your cabin mate for the […]

Top 5 Least Cleaned Spaces in Your Home

Cleaning your home is no joke, especially if you have a big space to tend. Most of the times, we prioritize spaces that are noticeable and forget corners that are not too obvious. Overtime, these spaces gather dirt and filth and might be difficult to clean. But do not blame yourself. The best thing to […]

Benefits of Relocating with a Pet Transportation Company

When you are relocating to a new place with your furry friends, you would do best to solicit the services of a credible cat relocation company. While some advantages are a bit intangible, there are enough tangible reasons for you to select this amazing alternative. Here’s how a pet transportation company helps you move: Professional […]

Update Your Home Lighting for Better Security and Family Safety

While hiring the services of interior design companies in Dubai to revamp your home is a great idea, you can also take advantage of the ongoing renovation to incorporate a few safety changes here and there. As such, one of the key areas to focus on is indoors and outdoors lighting of your home. Not […]

Benefits of Hot Shapers Fitness Wear

Obesity is the bane of a lot of people these days, and everywhere we see, there are overweight people. Lack of involvement in physical exercises and sports is the major culprit in this situation. These days, people are so caught up in the rat race and their daily work schedules, that they inadvertently plague their […]

Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

Are you planning a surprise birthday party for someone special or a friend? Know that a lot goes into planning a party than just ordering a birthday cake in Dubai. Here are a few tips to organize your efforts: Choose A Date and Time If you want to organize your efforts, it is important that […]

Mattress – Your Entry Into The Comfort Zone

There is little doubt in the fact that your mattress is the ultimate solution to your tiredness. A bad mattress is the last thing you need for a number of reasons. Firstly, it leaves renders your bed redundant. You cannot sleep over it as the mattress has gone down in a downward spiral. It is […]

Tips for Storing Your Furniture

There are a lot of advantages associated with renting a storage facility for furniture storage in Dubai. However, it takes a bit of work to make sure that all your furniture stays in top-notch condition even in storage. Using these simple steps, you can protect all your furniture pieces, be they fresh out of the […]

Walking Dubai by Foot

A great way to see any city is to walk the city by foot. Whether this be by your own account and just simply using a map and wandering around or a professional walking tour with a guide. Whichever way you choose, you will get an up close and personal look at Dubai. Walking gives […]

Universities in Dubai

Dubai is the most well known emirate in the United Arab Emirates, of which there are 7. Dubai has the largest population, it has great diversity, lots of skyscrapers and an international standing, all while being able to coexist with its Arab values, customs and culture. These are all characteristics that appeal to students who […]

Biggest Sports in Dubai

Dubai has a number of well enjoyed and followed international events and sports that range from football to golf. The UAE Heritage sports have a very strong audience, which includes camel-racing and traditional boat racing. These are still extremely popular activities. Falconry is another traditional sport that continues to be a popular sport. Dubai has […]