Tips for Storing Your Furniture

There are a lot of advantages associated with renting a storage facility for furniture storage in Dubai. However, it takes a bit of work to make sure that all your furniture stays in top-notch condition even in storage. Using these simple steps, you can protect all your furniture pieces, be they fresh out of the packing items or family heirlooms:

Scrutinize Your Storage Options

Protecting your furniture from wear and tear is Paramount. To protect your furniture from natural elements, it is important that you do your diligent research and consider all options which are available to you before selecting a storage space. If you are planning on keeping this furniture in storage over long term, you need both humidity and temperature control. This option protects your furniture from changing temperatures and moisture. Even if your storage facility does not provide these controls, you can buy a portable dehumidifier and get it installed in your unit. While it might not work as effectively as other options, it provides the much-needed moisture control.

Clean Everything First

Refrain from storing dirty furniture in your storage unit. Storage facility is not only reserved for your use. Any bugs or offensive smells can travel to other units in the vicinity, which could put off other customers. In addition, cleaning your items prior to storage alleviates chances of dust and mold growing in your storage facility unit. With plastic or wooden furniture, simply washing with water and soap does the trick. For antiques or wooden furniture, a wood cleaner can be used to safeguard the existing finish on the furniture. Any fabric items, such as seat cushions or couches should be cleaned with a fabric cleaner. Dry off every item before packing it up for storage.

Take Everything Apart

It is prudent to disassemble all furniture items, such as chairs, tables, bookshelves, and desks before loading them up. This will make your storage unit easier to pack. Not to mention, it lessens the chances of scratching or breaking anything.  Put all Allen wrenches, bolts, screws, and small items in a labeled baggie, and store it alongside the item to which it belongs.

Cover It Up

It is important to cover all furniture items and other belongings before storing them. You can use drop cloths, blankets, or old sheets, to protect the pieces from moisture and dust. However, refrain from using thick plastic covers as they are notorious for sealing in the moisture. Make sure that the covers are tightly secured in place and do not have any tears or holes. Visit to know about your storage options.

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