Things You Need To Remember When Booking Your Dubai Dirt Bike

Buggy adventure is one of the outdoor activities in Dubai that you cannot miss. The fun of driving an ATV on the sand and the dunes is definitely one of the books. But like any other trip, you also need to prepare for this kind of trip adventure.

If you are booking one for your Dubai trip, here are some important pointers that you need to remember:

  • Book in advance

Although booking a quad bike hire in Dubai might work, it would be best if you can book this prior to your scheduled trip. Why? There might be a chance that the tour operators will not be able to accommodate you or give you a slot due to overbooking, especially during peak seasons. So instead of taking chances, be sure to look for dirt bike tour operators in advance and reserve a slot of you and your gang. It would save you the hassle of waiting for a slot to open or entirely missing this experience.

  • Confirm your booking

The day before your buggy adventure schedule, call your dirt bike Dubai operator and confirm your booking. Tour operators are accommodating lots of visitors and tourists in a day. Sometimes, there will be some confusion on who is booked or scheduled for an adventure. Just to be sure, confirm your attendance and your slot. It is also an opportunity for you to ask the necessary details you need to know for this adventure like, what do you need to bring, what you should wear and the direction to the pickup point.

  • Wear the right clothing


Speaking of what you should wear, you need to keep in mind that you will be moving a lot during this adventure. So, refrain from wearing clothes that can restrict your movement. Wearing too-fitting clothes will make it hard for you to maneuver or operate the dirt bike. As much as possible, wear something light and comfortable, but also keep in mind the essentials like hats and sunglasses.


  • Listen to the instructions intently


Upon arrival on the site, tour operators and instructors will give you instructions on how to drive and operate the ATVs and dirt bikes. You need to listen carefully to the instructions. This is to ensure your safety while you are using the equipment. They will also teach you some driving techniques that can enhance your driving skills. So, lend your ears for a minute and listen to what your instructors will say.

Post Author: qwertty