Proper Etiquette When Sharing A Cruise Cabin

When you booked cruise ship and Dubai restaurant deals for your travel adventure, there might be some instances that you will be paired with a stranger to share a cabin. But no need to feel awkward and alienated. Simply follow these tips so you can have a harmonious relationship with your cabin mate for the duration of your trip.

  • Be civil and friendly


Okay, you are not paired with your friends and relatives, but you don’t need to feel grumpy about it. Remember that you will still see each other outside the cabin. What you need to focus on is how you are going to make friends with your new cabin mate. This is pretty easy if you think. Simply introduce yourself and be polite. Get to know your temporary roommate but do not be too intrusive.


Employing the silent treatment method may make things feel more awkward. Make sure you a favorable impression so you can get along with roommate while you are on a cruise trip. You might be surprise, you two might have something in common and you will gain a new friend in the process.


  • Always keep it clean


One of the things that irritates other is the messiness of their roommates. Remember that you are not with someone you know that can tolerate your messiness. You are temporarily housed with a stranger who doesn’t know you at all. Do not give him an impression that you are not the ideal roommate to live in. Keep your side of the cabin clean and tidy. Keep all your stuff on your side at all times. If your roommate is one that is messy, politely tell him in a manner that he will not be offended.


  • Be considerate when charging devices


There is a silent rule in cabin sharing that you need to be considerate with charging your devices, and that is to share the electric socket. There are limited electric sockets in the cabin, so you and your cabin mate would take turns on using it. Do not leave your devices on 24/7 charging. This might annoy your roommate and you will be leaving him with a negative impression of you. Be sure to follow the silent rule.


  • Mind the noise


This tip should be taken seriously, especially if you are sharing a cabin with a stranger. Some people just want some peace and quiet and you should respect that. Avoid making unnecessary noise that might disturb your cabin mate.


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