Independent Boarding Schools V/s British Curriculum Schools

Many working parents who have less or no time to focus on their children prefer an independent boarding school for them. There are different views and opinions about sending a child to a boarding school among parents and society. Many European and England-based families settled in the United Arab Emirates for better growth opportunities prefer boarding schools while Asian families prefer home attachment in their kids and emphasize in private British Curriculum schools in Dubai. Click site to understand what is the best option for children. Well opinions run on both sides so this article is designed to give you an idea about benefits and drawbacks of both schools.

Independent Boarding School:

It is more logical for those parents who are working round-the-clock in different jobs or businesses to place their kids in a boarding school. Parents, who have job nature for travelling around the country like armed forces, engineers, doctors, tour guides, and other special posts, prefer their children to be settled in one place for better education and stress-free environment. A child needs a healthy stable place for education where teachers and friends are loving, caring and constant. Continuous change and adoption of new friends, teachers, and social circle is not possible for healthy child behavior development.

British and American boarding schools facilitate those children who are coming from special family backgrounds and have fewer opportunities to live with their parents. They provide quality education and also carefully select child roommate to facilitate them in a home-like environment. They design extracurricular activities such as swimming, outdoor gaming, sailing, camping and horse riding etc. to make children busy with efficient learning skills. They emphasize small class sizes to give individual attention and encourage parents school visits for different events to make sure the child has a strong and effective connection with them. Child can also visit home during summer and winter holidays or special occasions like Eid or Christmas.

British international schools:

In Dubai, the demand for quality education and better brain and IQ development has led to develop higher standards of British international school system that offers best teaching staff, efficient curriculum, facilities and resources. For choosing the best British international school, you may visit the site of the facility or you can also visit their website which will give you a great idea about the standards, environment, quality of education and other facilities. Any Dubai-based international school organization needs to have an international curriculum of British or American Standards with proper affiliation certification. Parents who are well-settled in Dubai and want their children closer to them to learn not only better cultural and religious values but also the best academic qualifications and higher standards of competitive studies are recommended to choose British curriculum school in Dubai. There is no doubt about parent’s presence and role of their guidance in the life of a child. As per research, kids who are more home-sick face confidence and behavioral gaps in their personalities as compared to children who are under the supervision of parents who are often available to support them.

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