Top 5 Software That Architects Need To Master

Gone are the days when architects would have to do everything manually. Today, they can simply use their devices to do their job. Still, it takes effort and time to master the needed software for this kind of industry.

If you are a traditional architect looking to upgrade your trade or a newbie in the industry who wants to improve their skills, here are some software that architects need to know and take in a training center in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Autodesk Revit


Autodesk Revit is considered as one of the most important tools and software in the field of architecture. The good thing about this software is that it is an all-in-one tool that architects can use when planning and managing a project. One of the key features of Revit is 2D construction documents that save and file details about the project. It also has 3D modelling and rendering features. For those who are just being introduced to this software, it might take them time to master the dashboard. But they can also take Revit training in Abu Dhabi to master this software for their future projects.


  1. AutoCAD


A lot of people think that AutoCAD is getting obsolete with the rise of Revit, which is why some architects do not use it anymore. But, it is pays to learn the once most prominent tool in the architectural industry. One of the benefits of learning AutoCAD is that architectural students are being taught to do a blueprint before they jump into going 3D when it comes to building modelling and representation. There an AutoCAD program devoted to architects – the AutoCAD architecture which is used for drafting and documentation. AutoCAD is compatible with Revit so you can actually use both in a project.


  1. Adobe Photoshop


Some people think that Adobe Photoshop is just for designers. But architects can also take full advantage of this tool. Architects use Adobe Photoshop for putting final touches on their 3D renderings. It would make the model look realistic for representation to clients and to the team.


  1. SketchUp


3D designing and rendering is definitely the trend in architecture nowadays. If you prefer to start quickly with the project, SketchUp would be the right tool for you. SketchUp allows users to create 3D designs in a snap. But the best thing about SketchUp is that it is easy to use and understand. The dashboard is very straightforward but on the downside, it has limited rendering capabilities.

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