Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Translation Company

If you are a first timer who is subscribing to a translation service, it might be easy for you to be fooled by shady companies offering the same service. But by asking the right questions, you are saving yourself from getting the wrong provider and also saving money from getting untrusted translator to take on the task.


Here are some questions that might help you on finding the right translation firm for your project:


  • What is included in the package?

Translation services in Dubai have the pre-arranged package they are offering to their clients. More often than not, these packages are created based on the usual types of project they are getting from their clients. If you think your project falls into this category, it would be best to know what are the services included in this project aside from translation. Does this involve proofreading? This is important if the project will be published internationally or distributed overseas.


But there are companies who are offering customized quote to clients. This is a much better set up since you can have a tailor-made quote that can address your translation needs better.


  • How the pricing is done?

Translation pricing and rates varies and would depend on certain factors that translation company is taking into consideration. For one, the level of difficulty and the kind of translation that is required for the project. With regards to the level of difficulty, there are languages that are extremely hard to translate. These types of languages, like russian translation dubai, are rarely used which makes it hard to look for a translator that can take on the project. Basically, the harder the translation is, the pricier than languages that are commonly used.


In terms of type of translation, it can be categorized into two kinds: the common translation and the technical translations. Technical translation is a special type of translation that require technical expertise of the translator. Medical and legal translation are considered technical translations


  • Will there be a dedicated team that will handle the project?

Clients are always looking for translation companies that are prioritizing their clients. This would mean that they have a dedicated team and account manager to handle the project. Having a point of contact would make the communication between the client and the company.


  • What is the timeline for the project?

The delivery of service is important for service providers like translation companies. Given the quantity and level of difficulty of the project, ask the translation company to give you a realistic timeline for your project. Experienced companies can provide a quick timetable based on the specifics you will provide and level of their experience.

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